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Spreading Colors to Your Memories


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Spreading Colors to Your Memories

Finally, it's time to share the new venture, we have been secretly working on all these months and we are so excited we might just burst. But first the story of how it came about...Nearly three and a half years ago, our almighty God decided to give birth of an infant baby named 'CreatEve'. After Six months of services we fasten our seatbelts to fly for your dreams. We were scared, when we created event for celebrity weddings and functions in Gods own country, Garden city of India and World Capital of Biriyani. Our professional skilled team flourish day by day. Commercial film cameraman with our professional lighting team catches the mesmerising moments, amazing and artistic stage decorations, traditional and western entertainment shows, and our food and beverage touches the soul of each guests will create more and more dreams comes true.

All these talents, skills, professionalism, new initiatives, ideas found a whole new professional team with incredible support of most advanced studio and crews confidants and supports of our creative dreams named DREAM LAKE..The tradition redefined.

Upon the commencement of our new projects and the stake holders we have been reformed our name to Dream Lake Events And Destination Management since November 2016.


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Celebrity Management

This is the flowery part of business and we are working hard on this. We provide a platform for the celebrities who want to be known and want to come in the lime light. Any event which requires catching the attention has to have a celebrity in it. If you think that your event needs a little boost, we are there to light up the evening sky with the star of your choice. We have a team that would contact the celebrities and make all necessary arrangements for bringing them to the place you show them. We are working hard to bring in all the heartthrobs and divas.
Right from the amateur ones to the veteran celebrities of yesterday will be able to meet you through us. Can you imagine having a dinner with them in an exotic destination? We will do it for you. The list of celebrities would be…


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What Clients Say About Us

" Thanks to Createve for making my daughters marriage a special one. "
Salim M, 9645391307

" I thank the entire team for their hard work. Made it lot easier for us. Keep up the good work. God bless. "
Nainan Koshi Paniker , Co. Owner, Lihani Infrastructures, 9037755113

" it was great working with you guys.. "
Rohith, Pravu Creative Studio, 9539883535

" CreatEve is a creation I should say.. Creation of a new era of events, celebrations, ideas, which is so impressing, appealing, and inviting..Enterprising and innovative youngsters make this unique.. "
Sham & Meena

" Excellent work. Thank you Createve. "
Jomy Mathew, Manager, MCBS Kalagramam, 8714474719